TK's Froghouse's Andrew Doheny, using his homefield advantage. Photo: Lowe-White
Doheny again, way too stylish.  Photo: Lowe-White
Andrew Jacobson from Val Surf cranks past a wedgey section. Photo: Lowe-White
Aryn Farris of ET Surf likes his board art and his haircuts in the same fashion—au naturel. Photo: Lowe-White
Brad Ettinger slices through an oncoming section.  Photo: Lowe-White
Chris Waring of Jack’s elevates himself above the competition.  Photo: Lowe-White
Dane Zaun of Spyder Surf drops a perfect speed-check turn.  Photo: Lowe-White
Drew Middleton, four fins to the wind.  Photo: Lowe-White
Eli Viszolay of LSS, turning his back on an inside peak.  Photo: Lowe-White
Ford Archbold of TK's Froghouse raises the ante—and the fins—at Newport. Photo: Lowe-White
Timeless in its grace and power, Hans Hagan of LSS demonstrates a textbook example of the layback snap. Photo: Lowe-White
Jake Kelley of Revolution adds an exclamation point to his ride with this power turn on the inside section.  Photo: Lowe-White
The level of surfing for the West event set new standards for the OSSC. Just ask Jason Harris of Surfside Sports.  Photo: Lowe-White
Kirk Weissienger, laying it all on the line.  Photo: Lowe-White
Jack's Matt Pagan, carving a reputation for himself.  Photo: Lowe-White
Revolution's Nathaniel Curran, no stranger to the stratosphere.  Photo: Lowe-White
Nate Zoller of Laguna Surf & Sport lays into an inside section.  Photo: Lowe-White
Nolan Reposa of Team Katin moves into a sweeping bottom turn. Photo: Lowe-White
With their first-place finish, team Revolution is now headed to Bali for the overall championships. Photo: Lowe-White
Taylor Curran from Revolution takes the top off an unsuspecting lip. Photo: Lowe-White
Val Bertignoli from Team Katin gets fired up. Photo: Lowe-White
Andrew Doheny from Froghouse was looking right at home at his homebreak.  Photo: Matt O'Brien
Froghouse was full of energy during their first Final appearance in history. Photo: Matt O'Brien
Hans Hagen of Laguna Surf & Sport. Photo: Matt O'Brien
Jake Kelley takes a moment to relax underneath the tents at the OSSC West event.
HSS' Jordan Robinson tags in Tyler Kileen. Photo: Matt O'Brien
Laguna Surf & Sport, standing vigil. Photo: Matt O'Brien
Nathaniel Curran of Team Revolution put on a smile-worthy performance.  Photo: Matt O'Brien
Nolan Reposa of Team Katin waits for the tag.  Photo: Matt O'Brien
Tent city. Not always a bad thing.  Photo: Matt O'Brien
Team Revolution was all smiles after securing their trip to Bali for the National Championship. Photo: Matt O'Brien
ZJ Boardhouses' Spencer Robins scopes the conditions from the tent between heats.  Photo: Matt O'Brien
Surfside Sports tagging in. Photo: Matt O'Brien
We weren't lyin’. Photo: Van Swae
Banzai Bowls was onsite serving up deliciousness. Photo: Van Swae
Dylan Colby of T Patterson gracefully floats a section.  Photo: Van Swae
Jake Kelley of Revolution, comfortably inverted. Photo: Van Swae
Kirk Wissienger of Team Katin gets up close and personal.  Photo: Van Swae
Nick Fowler, Team Surfside, sets his rail and eyes the lip.  Photo: Van Swae
Taylor Curran eyes a lip ripe for bashing.  Photo: Van Swae