Jacob Szekely of Rusty Boardhouse runs out to the water from the competitor's area at Seaside Reef. Photo: Ellis
Jacob Szekely of Rusty Boardhouse
Grant Ellis
Larry Kraus tags in Rick Irons for Emerald City surf shop. Photo: Ellis
Ian Baksh from Clairemont Surf Shop follows through on a horizontal hack in the first heat of the day. Photo: Ellis
Eric Snortum from Hansens Surf Shop in Encinitas cuts back on an asymmetrical thruster. Photo: Ellis
Rusty & Futures Fins surfboard and fin demo infront of the contest site
Benji Weatherly cracks one off the lip, a team rider for Pacific Drive surf shop. Photo: Ellis
SurfRide's whammy rider Brent Reilly with a carving cutback at Seaside. Photo: Ellis
Winners of the Oakley High School Challenge spirit award, La Costa High and Granite High. Photo: Ellis
Team SurfRide at the horn of the final, looking forward to Bali. Photo: Ellis
The Torrey Pines High School team, winners of the inaugural Oakley High School Challenge. Photo: Ellis
Team SurfRide, Southwest Regional champs. From left, Darrell Goodrum, Dayton Silva, Gabe Garcia, and Brent Reilly. Photo: Ellis