Eight teams from the Northeast Region showed up to duke it out in challenging knee-high conditions for 2017 Oakley Surf Shop Challenge at 16th Ave in Belmar, NJ. Turning out to be a wave catching contest, shops were making the most of the meager conditions while still throwing down some solid scores.

1st Place: 7th Street Surf Shop | Photo: Ruddy

In Round One, Sam Hammer put Brave New World out to an early lead with a 9.27 but decided not whammy, which looked to be costly with the inconsistent scoring potential. The seasoned local paddled back out and whammied a 8.5 to put his team through to the final, along with Heritage Sea Isle City, Heritage Margate and 7th Street Surf Shop.

Nate Garza of 7th Street Surf Shop opened up the scoring in the final with a 7.5. As if the conditions weren't already challenging enough, the waves went limp nearing the low tide as the other teams were looking to put up scores. 7th Street combo'd the field as Rob Kelly whammied a 9.8 sealing the deal.

"We came back after a hiatus last year, the team changed due to two guys moving away, so we had to regroup and work a little harder." Said Rob Kelly of 7th Street. "It was Nate and Kevin's first time competing in the Shop Challenge and they stepped up! Despite the waves being lackluster, when Nate dropped a 7.5 on the first wave of the final, we knew the rhythm was on our side. Everyone did their part and it worked out to take the win"

The Oakley Surf Shop Challenge heads back to California for the Northwest Regional in Santa Cruz, CA on May 25-26th, 2017.


1st Place: 7th Street Surf Shop- 36.04 points

2nd Place: Brave New World -16.92 points

3rd Place: Heritage Surf & Sport (Margate) – 15.15

4th Place: Heritage Surf & Sport (Sea Isle City) – 11.58