The food at Mark and Daves is incredible! (L-R) Dane Jefferys, Adam Borello, Ryan Briggs, Tristan Thompson, Evan Thompson and Brent Reilly dig into the BBQ buffet.
Teams enjoying some Toña's before the meal. Photo: Rutkowski
The National Championships trophy. Photo: Rutkowski
Marty Mathieson  thanking all the shops for keeping the industry running. Photo: Rutkowski
A toast to the hosts, Zach and Kimmi from Mark and Daves. Photo: Rutkowski
Jeremy Schluntz, Josh Saunders and Bryce Lowe-White from SURFER Magazine thanks the shops for all their hard work over the years. Photo: Rutkowski
Sweetwater Surf Shop: Tim Martin, Ben Bourgeios, Dylan Kowalski and Spencer Lem. Photo Rutkowski
7th Street Surf Shop: Chris Kelly, Brian Leiss,  Rob Kelly, Sean Santiago. Photo: Rutkowski
Rob Kelly picking the heat number.
Val Surf sporting their custom raincoats to fight the rain.
T&C Surf Designs: Travis Hashimoto, Kekoa Bacalso, Dustin Cuizon and Adam Borello. Photo: Rutkowski
Bubb Rader picking their heat number from the cup. Photo: Rutkowski
Pacific Wave: L-R Coach Bubb Rader, Mile Clanton, Joe Hutson Emmet and Randy Bonds. Photo Rutkowski
Team Sunrise: L-R Dane Jeffreys, Ryan Briggs, Evan and Tristan Thompson. Photo: Rutkowski
Gordon Lawson, Darren Brilhart, Jeremy Saukel and Will Greene explain the format the judging criteria for the finals to the teams. Teams enjoying some Toña's before the meal. Photo: Rutkowski
Marty Mathieson presenting Jason Prescott with the wave hog jersey.  Photo: Rutkowski
Jason gratefully accepting after spending more than two weeks at Mark and Daves in some pristine conditions. Photo: Rutkowski.
If you see Jason in the lineup, feel free to drop in on him! Photo: Rutkowski