With Rincon as a training ground, Pat Ecker and the rest of the Channel Islands held an advantage over their competition in the funneling rights at Keramas. Photo: Lowe-White
One day you’re behind the register at your local surf shop, the next you’re standing on the black sand beach at Keramas surfing in a World Tour event.   Photo: Lowe-White
With one of surfing’s greatest pedigrees behind him, Pat Curren is following in the family business of gracefully tearing the living hell out of lineups across the world. Photo: Lowe-White
Not as easily navigable as it looks in photos, it takes a special finesse to surf Keramas this gracefully. Here’s 7th Street Surf Shop’s Rob Kelly, demonstrating tremendous amounts of grace under pressure.  Photo: Lowe-White
If you were to replace the red singlet with a black full-suit, you’d have a hard time knowing that CI’s Brandon Smith wasn’t carving up his homebreak at Rincon.  Photo: Lowe-White
No stranger to competition, ex-World Tour surfer and current Team Revolution ripper Nathaniel Curran was in lock form in his heat. Photo: Lowe-White
The surf at Keramas has been firing to say the least. Photo: Hennings
Team Revolution, fired up. Photo: Lowe-White
A formidable threat in any lineup, HIC’s Kekoa Cazimero laid down some very impressive surfing in his heat.  Photo: Lowe-White
Sunrise Surf Shop’s Garret Carmichael, dismantling a set wave at Keramas.  Lowe-White
Balinese perfection. Photo: Lowe-White
With an inside section that peels just a few yards from the black sand beach, Garret Carmichael gets up close and personal with Keramas and the crowd gathered on the shoreline. Photo: Lowe-White
Smells like team spirit. The OSSC, a surf shop Nirvana. Photo: Lowe-White
Revolutions Jake Kelley tags in Nathaniel Curran. Photo: Lowe-White
Sunrise’s Ryan Briggs took a slightly elevated approach to his heat.  Photo: Lowe-White
Sweetwater Surf Shop Conner Lester, carving into an open face. Photo: Lowe-White
With plenty of swell on tap, Sunrise’s Evan Thompson reveled in the clean, overhead conditions.  Photo: Lowe-White
Evan Thompson again, torqueing a carve. Photo: Lowe-White
Surf Ride’s Aaron Coyle lays it on rail. Photo: Lowe-White
Michael Powell of North Carolina’s Sweetwater Surf Shop sets up a perfect backside bottom turn. Photo: Lowe-White
With the World Tour watching, Brent Reilly took his turns to the next level.  Photo: Lowe-White
Knox Harris of Sweetwater, taking the low road at Keramas. Photo: Lowe-White
With perfect waves rolling by in the distance, 7th Street Surf Shop could hardly withhold their stoke. Photo: Lowe-White
The venue for the Surf Shop Challenge Finals. Photo: Lowe-White
Davin Torres-Jaime, setting up a top turn. Photo: Lowe-White
Revolution’s Nathaniel Curran took to the sky on an inside section at Keramas.  Photo: Lowe-White
The view from behind the counter at the OSSC. Photo: Lowe-White
This is exactly what you don’t want to see your competition doing in a heat. Surf Ride’s Aaron Coyle, crushing dreams.  Photo: Lowe-White
Nathaniel Curran, adding a splash of color to an otherwise drab Balinese morning.  Photo: Lowe-White
The Surf Shop Challenge’s new fitting room. Photo: Hennings
No stranger to the tube, Killian Garland looks right at home in this Balinese barrel.  Photo: Lowe-White
Can the guy behind the register at your local shop throw down turns like this? Photo: Lowe-White
Gabe Garcia of Surf Ride draws a high-line carve at Keramas.  Photo: Lowe-White
With swooping speed, Keramas is by no means an easy wave to surf on your backhand. Someone forgot to tell that to Surfride’s Brent Reilly. Photo: Lowe-White