With $10,000 on the line, Brad Hagglund from Surf Ride dug deep with this inside hack in the finals of the Surf Shop Challenge. Photo: Lowe-White
Seventh Street Surf Shop’s Brian Liess, carving up an inside section in the finals.  Photo: Lowe-White
Ryan Briggs from Sunrise Surf Shop came out swinging in the finals. Photo: Lowe-White
With glassy conditions and a solid run of swell, win or lose, the competitors in the final had plenty to smile about.  Photo: Lowe-White
Whether it’s in the World Tour event or the Shop Challenge, the backside surfers have shown just how lethal a tight arc at Keramas can be.  Photo: Lowe-White
Evan Thompson from Team Sunrise put on a very impressive display of seamless surfing throughout the event. Photo: Lowe-White
Sunrise: Evan Thompson with this 9 point whammy wave lead them to victory. Photo: Lowe-White
Sunrise, tagging in. Photo: Lowe-White
Surf Ride’s Aaron Coyle, hiding out in the shade. Photo: Lowe-White
Michael Powell from team Sweetwater sets his rail and prepares to lay into this Balinese gem.  Photo: Lowe-White
Brent Reilly, staring down an oncoming section. Photo: Lowe-White
Ryan Briggs from Team Sunrise floats the inside section at Keramas.  Photo: Hennings
Chris Kelly from 7th Street springs into action.  Photo: Hennings
Despite going home to North Carolina without a win, Conner Lester still had plenty to smile about. Photo: Hennings
Evan Thompson, holed up in Bali. Photo: Hennings
To say that the waves were firing for the Surf Shop Challenge would be a huge understatement. Michael Powell, of team Sweetwater, relishing the conditions. Photo: Hennings
Sweetwater’s Knox Harris, taking the backdoor to work. Photo: Hennings
Team Sunrise huddled together in hopes that Surf Ride's Brent Reilly's last-minute score wasn't enough to push them into the lead.  Photo: Lowe-White
Team Sunrise celebrates their victory with some of the local Balinese brew. Photo: Lowe-White
You’d be grinning too if you just won your team $10,000. Photo: Lowe-White
Team Sunrise, the 2013 Oakley Surf Shop Challenge National Champions. Photo: Lowe-White