The Oakley Surf Shop Challenge (the Event) is organized by Front Foot Agency (FFA) (Hossegor, France) and sponsored by Oakley.

Oakley will supply all food, hospitality and accommodation during the event.

The European Champions will receive the following prize pack:
-SURF PRIZE PACK: Maldives boat trip for 4 people (TBC)
-RETAIL PRIZE PACK: Retail marketing prize pack is dedicated shop marketing and support. Prize will be implemented with Regional Oakley Sales Manager.

The Surf Shop and Surfer, each for themselves, hereby release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless sponsors and all persons in any way involved in the Event, and their respective agents, affiliates, and assigns from any and all damages, claims, demands, costs, and expenses arising out of or in any way related to the Event or any related activity including travel and lodging.

The Surfer acknowledges that he/she may be participating in a dangerous activity at the Event, including inherently dangerous surf activities contemplated by the Event. The Surfer also understands that the risk of injury from these activities and other activities at the Event is significant, including the potential for brain damage, nerve and spinal cord injury, paralysis, and even death. With this knowledge and understanding, surfer knowingly and freely assumes all such risks, both known and unknown, even.

If arising from the negligence of others, and assumes full responsibility for his/her participation, and willingly agrees to comply with any stated and customary terms and conditions for his/her participation. If, however, the Surfer observes any unusual significant hazard during his/her presence at the Event or involved with his / her participation, he / she will remove himself / herself from participation and bring such to the attention of the nearest official immediately. The Surfer hereby voluntarily release, waive, relinquish, and discharge each participating city, its Officers, Agents and Employee's.

The Surfer grants to Oakley and FFA a worldwide non-exclusive royalty free license and right to utilize his/her name, likeness, photograph, voice, and biographical sketch, as captured during the term of this agreement, without compensation and without restriction as to purpose, duration, geography, media, or frequency.

The Surfer hereby consents to medical, surgical, or dental examination and/or treatment in case of emergency.

The Surf Shop and Surfer shall conduct themselves in a professional sportsmanlike manner prior to, during, and after the event and while in vicinity of the event, and shall not conduct themselves in any way that is defamatory, derogatory, or otherwise dilutes or devalues Oakley, FFA and any other Sponsor's good name and/or image, or in any way contrary to law.

If participating Surfer is a minor, surfer's parent or guardian is responsible for establishing an independent chaperone to be responsible for the participating surfer while he/she is travelling to
the Event, lodging for the Event, participating in the Event, and travelling from the Event. Even if Oakley pays for and/or arranges transportation and or lodging for the participating Surfer, chaperone (not Oakley or FFA) shall be responsible for the participating Surfer.

Participating Surfer represents that if he/she is under the age of eighteen (18) years old that he/she has given this agreement to his/her parent or legally responsible guardian and that this agreement sets forth the signature of said parent or guardian.

The Surf Shop and Surfer agree that they have had an opportunity to be appraised of and have reviewed all the rules and regulations applicable to the event (including the Rules of Competition posted at and understand that any violation of these rules, or any unsportsmanlike conduct, will be cause for immediate disqualification from this event in the sole discretion of the contest director, Oakley or FFA.

The Surf Shop and Surfer acknowledge that they have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents. The Surf Shop and Surfer are each aware that this is a release of liability and a contract be- tween them and each of the sponsors and their successors and assigns and their affiliated organizations and companies and is for the benefit of all persons identified herein and surf shop and surfer sign this agreement of their own free will.