Shop Name: Surf Ride
Location: Oceanside, CA
Founded: 1974
Other Locations: Solana Beach, CA
Surf Shop Challenge Team Member Names: Che Stang, Brent Reilly, Chris Abad, Aaron Coyle

The Word from the Team:

What makes your shop unique?
Our shop has more surfboards that any other store. On any given day we have about 2,500 boards to choose from and people who know how to surf selling them.

Tell us an odd/interesting fact about the shop.
The original shop was an adobe building, and back in the day, when it would rain, the walls would leak. They'd also have to sweep everything off in the shop at the end of each day.

Why is your Surf Shop Challenge team the best in the region?
Our Surf Shop Challenge team is the best in the region because we have an awesome store that our team is stoked to represent, and because it's such a fun place, our top team guys actually want to work here or already do.

Have you changed up your team since last year?
We've got the same team as last year. We thought about changing it up and giving someone else a chance, but then we decided that since we won Nationals with this team last year, we better just stick with the team that we know can win.

By the Numbers
50+: Employees on the Surf Ride staff
2,500: Surfboards in stock
35: Years Surf Ride's been in business
20,000: Total retail space (in square feet)

Best part about the shop: The team Jet Skis
Worst Part about the shop: Chris Abad and Aaron Coyle
Summertime in the shop: Hectic and hot
Off-season at Surf Ride: Coffee and fullsuits
Strangest customer(s) to come in: Too many—our shop is in Oceanside
Weirdest request from a customer: A rashgaurd for your neck, kinda like a neck brace made of lycra
Best Part about working there: Flexible schedule and with the demo program, you can try every board out for free
Odd fact about the shop: Chris Abad has his own food drawer in the refrigerator upstairs

Six Nuggets of Wisdom from Surf Ride GM Dustin Bernard:
1.To all the haters: Eat shit! To everyone else: Surf Ride loves you, thanks for the support!
2. We just kinda like to surf and skate and have a good time, you know. We try to give our customers a positive vibe because that's just what we do. Hey, I just want to say to everyone out there that has shopped with us: Thanks for the support! We would be broke without you, man.
3. Basically, we would suck without Chris, Aaron, Che, and Brent.
4. Surfboard retail is actually a pretty shitty business model, but we make the best of it. We have a great time selling surfboards and the surfing dream. We live it bro!
5.Since this recession, Surf Ride has seen tough times in the surfboard market. As the GM of the business I had to make a "hard" choice and switch our market focus from surfboards to, of all things… Speedos! Yeah, that's right. We were on the fence for quite some time, but we realized that the Sluggo market was going off! You know, with athletes like Chris Abad, Aaron Coyle, Brent Riley, and Che Stang supporting Surf Ride, as well as co-promoting the fashion and function of Speedos, we have been very successful in a down market! Don't beat around the bush! Check out our great quiver of banana hammocks and surfboards at
6. Chris Abad surfs like a girl!

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2008 National Champions Surf Ride