The locals have shortcuts everywhere, and they get places in half the time. Here's Gesler pondering,
Finally, a parting shot from inside the Racetrack
Sunset at Uluwatu is a sight all surfers need to witness in a lifetime
The culture is abstract to our norm here in the states. Its not uncommon to see 50 ducks herded across the beach at Karamas
Here's Jamie Moran tweaking out a frontside air in between shooting commercials for Best Buy this holiday season
Jamie was ripping Karamas. This right is one of the best in the world for performance
Canggu is a rad beach break in Bali. The right breaks along a reef before it meets the sand, and the left is super wedgy. Here's Ges ramping out
The crew did a lot of driving in search of surf. They really learned the lay of the land. This right was draining out on dry reef, so on they searched
Bali is a deeply spiritual place. It is not uncommon to surf in front of intricate temples adorned with fresh morning blessings
One of the holy temples is a
A rare empty lineup at Uluwatu...not a bad sight to be seen, day one in Bali. The boys were frothing!
Gesler thinks Bali is super laid back
Next time you see BH, have him teach you this game, its all time. In this case we call it the Bintang ladder
Rolling deep in a large bus worked for the boys, but scooters are the most popular choice of transportation amongst the locals
We've heard Gesler say it before,
Gesler mid flight, his own version of Air Asia
Zach Humphreys was going ballistic on the Canggu inside section
Inside Uluwatu is a section called
Jamie on the Racetrack. This angle shows how shallow the wave breaks. The reef is sharp and no more than knee deep just in front of the dropping lip