“I want to see a good, clean fight.” Contest organizer Darren Brilhart, AKA Brillo, laying down the rules.
In case you were wondering, yes, the sand is every bit as hot as it looks. Just ask Stevie Andrews.
And they’re off. Competitors sprint to the lineup to kickstart their heat.
To keep it in perspective, in 20 years, the girls in the foreground will become the girls in the background. Just sayin’.
Daniel Glenn executes a flawless frontside snap.
Scott Posner who tallied the highest score of heat 2   round 1 with this wave, a 7.33
Aqua Easts' Shane Murray
Tanner Strohmenger
As a whammy surfer, Tanner Strohmenger “claims” his wave and effectively doubles his score.
Nothing ashy about that turn. Asher Nolan, red-hot.
Ryan Briggs went out swinging and busted up a few lips in the process.
Dane Jefferys, oozing Southern swagger.
Gabe Kling, backhanding an unsuspecting lip.
Noah Schweizer, lofty ambitions.
That awkward moment when you go to high-5 and the other guy shakes your hand.
Dane Jeffreys stuck to Stevie Andrews in   the final 10 minutes of the final to keep him from scoring a wave that might spring IWS into First and crush Sunrise's dynasty.  Steve needed a 6.35 but only managed a 5.03.
Southern beauty.
Ryan Briggs decided to take the rail to work today.
Although Team Red Dog failed to advance into the final round, they made the most of the light-hearted event and smiled their way through the contest.
Eros Exarhou, taking flight in the Deep South.
Jesse Heilman, torqued.
Stevie Andrews, squaring off the top.
Luke Marx, bottoms up.
A standout team in past seasons, Team Quiet Flight struggled in Heat Two and failed to advance into the final round.
Fourth-place finishers Team Surf Station.
Team Aqua East finished in a very respectable third place.
Despite a narrow loss, Team Island Water Sports gave Team Sunrise a solid run for their money.
Team Surf Station put on a hell of a show at the South East Qualifier of the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge and would finish the event with an overall third-place finish.
Team Aqua East battled all the way to the final round where they finished the event in fourth place.
The boys from Island Water Sports brought their A game to the South East qualifier and nearly won the event, finishing in a very tight overall second place.
With their win at the 2012 OSSC South East Qualifier, Sunrise Surf Shop will be heading to Indo to compete at the national event in Bali.
You’d be smiling to if you just found out you’re headed to Bali. Ryan Briggs and Asher Nolan, soaking it in.