Torrey Pines high school’s Kyle Timm, demonstrating a firm grasp of bottom turning 101.
Canyon Crest high school's Tad McCardell, taking a little off the top.
Brennan Aubol of San Dieguito high school academy, finishing his ride with style.
Mar Vista high school's Noah Bender standing tall.
Vince Heyman of Canyon Crest, hard off the bottom.
San Dieguito High School Academy's Matt Lewis, carving himself a solid future.
Matt Lewis, stamping his name onto this inside section.
Some rivalries die hard. Taylor Mathiesen of Santa Fe Christian (right) and Ryan Bone of Torry Pines (left), mirroring opponents.
We don’t walk to our heat, we run.
With solid footing, Taylor Mathiesen of Santa Fe Christian strives for high marks at the Surf Shop Challenge
The view from the sidelines.
Taylor Mathiesen making it rain.
Demonstrating surfing’s version of a touchdown dance on this insider.
Keeping his eyes on the future
With chaotic conditions, surfers were forced to surf on their toes.
San Dieguitos Matt Lewis, classic marks.
Eye of the Tiger, people.
A few last-minute words of advice before the big game.
Despite the inherent competitive nature, a few smiles were had.
 Surfing’s version of a kickoff.
La Jolla High, shaking off the preheat jitters.
Where most other surfers were running away from the conditions, the High School Surf Team Challenge competitors made a dash straight into the maelstrom.
Did we mention the water was a bit cold?
It pays to be a winner.
Surf Team Coach Austin Ware, firing up his team.
“You really expect me to paddle out there?”
Teams out of the gates for the final.