Adam Rondo, carving himself out a future at the OSSC.
In the ’90s, Santa Cruz was pivotal in getting aerial surfing off the ground. Today, with airs like this, surfers like Antoine Alain continue to elevate the city’s rich surf history.
The quick Brad Fox jumped over the lazy section.
Brad Fox again, going to work in a city known for Cruzing.
There’s no denying Santa Cruz’s natural beauty. Here’s Brandon Smith, complimenting a picture perfect backdrop.
The old guard gets an up close look at Santa Cruz’s colorful future as young Brogie Panesi takes flight in front of Darry
With a lineup that looks like this, it’s no wonder Santa Cruz holds the title at Surf City USA.
Dennis Rizzo, adding a touch of grace to an otherwise chaotic scene.
Flea, gearing up for his duties at the Surf Shop Challenge.
Jonny Craft, standing tall at the OSSC Northwest Qualifier.
Kevin Greist, coiled up at Steamer Lane.
Although the photo may be pulling back, Kyle Buthamn certainly wasn’t.
Kyle Buthman again, bringing a grin to his sponsor’s face.
Miles Clanton, laying into the Lane.
Miles Clanton again, breaking glass.
The view from the rocks.
And the view from the inside.
The girls from Muscle Milk were on hand to ensure that everyone that ripping, was indeed ripped.
Nate Tyler, going head over heels for the Lane.
Noah Wegrich, adding to the horizon.
Noi Kaulukakui, always a threat out at the Lane.
Noi Kaulukakui again, oozing style.
Pat Ecker, taking the low road to work.
Pete Mussio, tearing into a head-high peak at the Lane.
Randy Bonds, posting bail for Team Pacific Wave.
Jason Ratboy Collins, looking right at home at the Lane.
Ratboy again, sliding past the competition.
There's taking off deep...and then there's this. Ratboy, rocking out at the Lane.
Scott Lundy, still in the game at the OSSC.
Shawn Rhodes, taking the express lane.
Some publications are bettER than others.
The Trail of Cheers.
Wise words indeed.
We'll always remember the one that got away.
Tyler Fox, standing vigil.
Tyler Fox again, prepping for...
Flea taking advantage of his duties as water patrol.
Wille Eagleton, spreading his wings.
Xica Hansen, bottoms up.
Xica Hansen likes his drinks like he likes his top turns: straight up with a twist.
Fourth Place: The Beach House
Third place: Team O'Neill
First Place: Pacific Wave
Second place: On The Beach Surf Shop