“Nightmare,” panted Ben Powell, after swimming to the beach behind his snapped stick. “How does a surfboard break on a bottom turn?”
“It feels like a dream,” said Brendan Petticrew, a WRV entrant every year since the Shop Challenge’s inception. “Good thing Blake gave us a head start because I’m not much of a hassler.”
Jesse Fernandez makes a good point, and you can never get too much advice when you’re an expectant father or an East Coast pro surfer. Brett Barley’s both.
Rail guy! Brett Barley’s 8.57 was the best ride of the contest, and he didn’t even have to get barreled or do an air to get it.
News flash: none of these guys live here.
“I don’t care what our wetsuits say. We ain’t teammates today.”
Hipbone connected to the… jawbone? Recent hip replacement surgery earned prized OBBC team rider Jesse Hines mic detail.
Coastal Edge (along with Whalebone and 17th Street) got hit with a 5-point deduction for failing to come in before the hooter, undoing all Lucas Rogers’ hard rail work.
Had Whalebone whammyboy Mark Dawson claimed this 7.03 and come in, it would’ve put his team in the final.
“Packed a screamer at Pipe, got a new job with Electric, and now I’m going to Bali on Oakley’s tab…” Mark Yonkers reflects while refracting a Jennette’s closeout.
Michael Powell’s whammy score of 15.8 lifted the heavily favored Sweetwater team to a commendable 2nd… but 2nd nonetheless.
Last year Nick Rupp got the best wave of his life at “Shish Kabobs,” Cloudbreak’s bloodthirsty inside section. This year, he got an average score in his life at “Wayland’s,” Jennette’s mushy outside section.
Enjoy the solitude while it lasts. You’ve got maybe four weeks until complete pandemonium overtakes this scene.
17th Street’s Patrick Frisk knows where his wallet is at all times… in case he gets frisked, you know?
Philip Goold, 17th Street’s whammy dude, fell on the second of two beautiful backside verts in the final, slowing team momentum and leaving them at 4th.
The Pit teammates and ESA fixtures Pat McManus and Jason Breiholz’ well-honed tactics resulted in 3rd-place overall, The Pit’s best OSSC result to date.
2012 Mid-Atlantic Champions Team WRV: Friends of the Whoop-ass.