Contest Site was overcast all day
Team Farias coaching from their tent
7th Street Josh Wilson
Bare Wire's Brendan Buckley making the most of the onshore conditions
Ocean Hut's
Contest site
Heritage Team #1 Andrew Gesler
Heritage Team 1 Andrew Gesler
7th Street's Rob Kelly and Josh Wilson discuss strategy for the next round
7th Street celebrates Jim Gray locking in a 1.7 score when needing a 1.1 to advance to the final
Heritage's Ian Bloch and Bare Wire's PJ Raia prepare their equipment
Heritage Team #1 Goes over preheat strategy
Contest site alongside the infamous Casino Pier as seen on Jersey Shore
Ian Bloch, Kyle Able, and Josh Wilson line up to race at the start of the final
Heritage's Ian Bloch gets the holeshot
Spectators hanging in the Oakley lounge
Heritage's Ian Bloch on one of the bigger waves of the day
7th Street's Josh Wilson tucking into a tight tube
Ian Bloch and Josh Wilson had a full throttle sprint from the water back to their tents
Rob Kelly on his way to the day's highest score of 8.00
Rob Kelly double whammy'ed his 8.00 launching 7th Street to an early lead in the final
Bare Wire's Brendan Buckley
Bare Wire's Clay Pollioni
Andrew Gesler's 6.83 double whammy wave which ended in a barely makeable death floater
Heritage's Andrew Gesler and Zack Humphreys tag as Zack went in for the save
PJ Raia on one of the few makable air sections ended in a 6.0 double whammy
Oakley NE rep Joe Mata and Oakley Sports Marketing Event Manager Liam Barrett kept the uncrowded beach scene lively with his colorful commentary
Dash to the water to start Semi Final 2
Josh Wilson battled the current and ended up getting sucked to the other side of the pier mid heat
Bare Wire's Brendan Buckley being congratulated by Clay Pollioni
Heritage Team 2 Chris Eaves with some last minute heroics but failed to hold on
Team Heritage #2  4th Place - Chris Howard, Ryan Daly, Kyle Able
Bare Wire 3rd Place -  Clay Pollioni, Brendan Buckley, PJ Raia, Tommy Inkhen
7th Street 2nd Place - Jim Gray, Rob Kelly, B. Dubbs, Josh Wilson
1st Place Team Heritage #1 Four-peats - Zack Humphreys, Ian Bloch, Jamie Moran, Andrew Gesler
1st Place Team Heritage #1 Four-peats - Zack Humphreys, Ian Bloch, Jamie Moran, Andrew Gesler