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The look through the gauntlet
Teams Pacific Wave, Sunrise, Hansens, and Sweet Water in Heat 1
Pacific Wave's Kyle Buthman
Sunrise's Ryan Briggs
Sweetwater's Michael Powell
Sweetwater's Michael Powell
Tony Butler tagging in for Sweetwater
Sunrise's Asher Nolan
Sweetwater's Tony Butler
Waiting for waves...
Hansen's Austin Ware
Sunrise's Dane Jefferys
Sunrise's Dane Jefferies
Team Hansen's flags their teammate to get out of the water while Pacific Waves Willie Eagleton waits for his turn...that never came
Randy Bonds from Pacific Wave
Jack's Chris Waring
Jack's Shaun Ward
Jack's Shaun Ward
Team T & C's Dustin Cuizon
Kalani David looking for a update on the scores before his turn to surf
Jamie Moran of Team Heritage
Heritage's Andrew Gesler
Jack's Clay Crandall gets his turn to earn his team some points
Jack's Clay Crandall
Kalani David
Hansen's Ryan Burch
Ryan Burch tagging in Jesse Wells
Shaun Ward
Ryan Briggs tagging in for Sunrise
Shaun Ward and Chris Waring
Sweetwater's Ben Powell rushing back to the box to avoid a 5 point deduction
The race to the water
Team Sweetwater celebrating Michael Powell's double whammy wave
Sweetwater's Tony Butler signaling a set out the back to his teammate.
Austin Ware calling his teammate in
Team Sweetwater hoping thier teammates wave had what it took to put them with the elite
Sunrise's Asher Nolan
Michael Powell's double whammy wave that put Sweet Water in the lead
Ben Powell's wave in the closing minutes of the Final that secured thier National Championship
Sweetwater celebrating victory
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2010 Surf Shop Challenge National Champions, $10,000 trip to Hawaii to 2010 Surfer Poll richer